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Explaining Digital Marketing to a Kindergartener

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is like telling your friends about your favorite toy but using the computer and special ways to make lots of people excited about it, just like you are! A long time ago, toy books were mailed to every kindergartener’s house around Christmas. That’s how kids would find out about the newest toys before their friends did.

Bizopia Explains Digital Marketing
Bizopia Explains Digital Marketing

Imagine you have a really awesome toy that you want everyone to know about. You’d want to tell all your friends how cool it is, right? Digital marketing is a bit like that, but instead of just talking to a few friends at school, you use special pictures, videos, and messages on computers and phones to tell many, many people about something really great, like your toy.

Just like how you use crayons and paper to make beautiful drawings, people who do digital marketing use computers and special tools to make things that look super cool! Digital marketers make colorful pictures and fun videos on computers that show how amazing the toy is and why everyone should know about it. Digital marketing teams use computers to draw and create fun pictures and stories that get the message out all across the world, or wherever they want their message to go and they use the internet to do so.

What is the Internet?

The internet is like a huge treasure chest filled with all sorts of amazing things! Imagine it as a magical place where you can find games to play, stories to read, new toys, and pictures of cute animals.

Just like how you can talk to your friends and family by calling them on the phone, the internet helps people from all over the world talk to each other too! But instead of using a phone, they use special machines called computers and phones to send messages, share pictures, and even see each other through recorded videos. It is easy to learn what type of toys kids play with all around the world when your parents help you get on the internet.

Think of the internet as a big, big library where you can find any book you want! You can learn about dinosaurs, see pictures of faraway places, and even watch fun cartoons. It’s like having a huge collection of toys, games, and stories right at your fingertips whenever you want to explore and have fun!

If the internet was a house, what rooms would it have?

If the internet were like a big house with rooms, here are some ways you might imagine it:

  1. The Library Room: This room would be filled with books, stories, and information about anything you can imagine! You could find stories about space, dinosaurs, princesses, and even how to make yummy cookies.
  2. The Game Room: In this room, you’d find lots and lots of games to play! Some would be puzzles, some would be about adventures with colorful characters, and others might let you race cars or fly in imaginary worlds. Some games would be just for fun and some might help you learn your numbers.
  3. The Art Studio: This room would be for drawing, painting, and creating cool things! You could make pictures, write stories, and share them with friends, and not make a mess with your paints.
  4. The Video Theater: Here, you could watch all sorts of videos! Some might be funny cartoons, others could be about animals doing silly things, and there might even be videos that teach you how to do fun experiments. Some videos might explain how to do something like build a snowman or fix a bike.
  5. The Social Room: This would be a place to chat with friends and family! You could send messages, share pictures, and see what everyone else is up to, even with your grandparents. The social media room might have stories about business, some for funny thoughts, and some for just sharing pictures with no words. Business use the social room to share what they sell in a place where lots of people are just hanging out with friends on the internet.
  6. The Newsroom: In this room, you’d learn about what’s happening around the world! You could find out about new inventions, cool discoveries, and things that are important for everyone to know. You could learn fun things to do that are close to your house or school.
  7. The Music Hall: Here, you’d listen to lots of different songs and music from all over the world! Some might make you want to dance, some could be calm and relaxing, and others might have people singing together.

Each room in the internet house would be like a special place where you can explore, play, learn, and connect with others in different ways!

What is social media?

Social media is like a fun playground where you and your friends can share all the cool and fun things you do, but it’s on the computer or phone for everyone to see and enjoy together! You can share with the whole world or you can share with just one friend.

You can also see what your friends are drawing, read their stories, and watch their videos. You can even talk to them by writing messages or sending little pictures called emojis to show how you feel, just like when you share your toys and talk with your friends at school.

Sometimes, you might see ads or messages on a computer or phone that show you a new game or a yummy snack. That’s digital marketing! It’s like when you tell your friends about the fun games you play, but instead, it’s on the computer or phone where lots of people can see it.

Is a digital marketing job fun?

YES! People who do digital marketing for a job try to make things so interesting and fun that lots of other people will want to know about the toy, just like you want your friends to know about your favorite toy. They use computers and the internet to share these cool things with many people, so everyone gets excited about it.

A digital marketing agency is like a big house with lots of fun rooms, except on computers with special pictures and videos to tell lots and lots of people about something really awesome, just like you do when you want to share your favorite toy with all your friends! Some people design things for the internet, some people draw picture with computers, and some people write super short and super long stories.