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Using Social Media Marketing to Increase Traffic

Social media is not just for friends and family anymore. Businesses like yours are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to build engaged customer bases. Building a relationship with your customers has become more and more important in these economic times. If you are looking for a Houston social media marketing company, you’ve landed in the right place. We answer the phones, we answer emails and you can stop by at any time!

You have probably been curious about utilizing social media to market and spread the word of your business. Bizopia wants to help your business become successful by using social media as a marketing tool. Below are some different types of social media that will help your business get in front of more potential customers.

Blogging & Content Creation for SMM

Social Media Marketing - WORDPRESS logoIf you think blogs are just glorified diaries, then you have not read a blog with a purpose in a long time. Blogs started out as online journals for people to inform anyone who cares about their life and experiences. Over the years, businesses have taken the blog concept and turned it into a marketing tool to promote their operations, products and services. The instant nature of a blog lends itself to becoming a platform for your business to push out important and interesting information––the kind of information that will grab the attention of your current and potential customers and will help you build relationships with them.

Search engine rankings are the most important reason businesses have adopted blogs in addition to their company websites. The frequent updating of a blog gives search engines a reason to come back and index the content on your blog quickly.

We want to help you set up a business-oriented blog so you can boost your search engine rankings, engage with your customers and attract new potential customers.

Facebook as a Digital Marketing Tool

Facebook - Bizopia - Houston SMMFacebook has more than 2.95 billion active users monthly, and 73.5% of the US population has an account, with 1.7 million active users using it daily. Facebook allows you to market your business to the people “following you” and the company’s page. Bizopia can help you bring your website and Facebook together as a marketing tool to drive traffic to your website.

With 900 million objects that people can interact with on Facebook, including groups, pages, and events, you can’t afford to ignore social media anymore. Facebook estimates that each person is connected to approximately 80 different community pages, groups, and events. Facebook patrons create 60 billion pieces of content each month. Why would you ignore this? It’s a great way to put a face on your company. You are probably thinking, “I run a company. I don’t have time for this.” That’s why you need a reputable social media marketing company that has your back.

Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Houston Social Media Marketing Tool - TwitterIn the small amount of time Twitter has been around, it is hard to deny its power. In 2010 alone, 25 billion tweets were sent. People have found creative ways to utilize Twitter and the service continues to grow as a result. Businesses have found ways to become active on Twitter and connect with their Twitter followers (customers). Some businesses offer customers that follow them on Twitter exclusive discounts on products or services. Businesses can also connect with specific followers to offer customer assistance. In the simplest sense, a business can just keep current and potential customers informed on what they have to offer.

We want to help your business compete in this new frontier of social media. This social media marketing campaign can seamlessly be tied to your website. Contact us today to set up a no-risk consultation to discuss your interest in social media and website marketing.

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