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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Guess what? PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is an online marketing strategy that is guaranteed to give you results.

You want your business to be successful, right? So why aren’t you advertising your business when and where people are searching for your products and services?

We are here to help your business grow through online advertising with our pay per click service. Pay per click marketing is unique in that you only pay for highly targeted visitors to your website. Unlike search engine optimization, pay per click advertising is guaranteed to give you results you are looking for.

If you are not familiar with pay per click advertising please see our pay per click FAQ section to get more information about pay per click.

You Set The Advertising Budget

Our pay per click program allows you to set a budget that you are comfortable with to match your seasonal sales patterns. Also, unlike traditional advertising, your keywords and ad copy can be customized to fit the message that you need to send, when you need to send it. Learn more about pricing > pay per click pricing.

Learn More About Your Customers By Tracking Your Results

So you have a pay per click advertising campaign – how do you know if this on line marketing strategy is working? You will have access to our ad tracking tools and result tracker so that you can see the results and adjust your ad campaign as needed. You have access to all this invaluable data regarding your ad campaign at your finger tips at any time.

Some of the data you might choose to track includes:

  • Impressions – counts the number of times your ad appears
    • Example: use this to measure the number of times your ad appears vs. number of clicks on your ad
  • Visits to site/clicks
  • Inbound calls made to your business
    • Customer Calls
    • Recordings of Customer Calls
  • Emails
  • Popular keywords used
  • Sort & track by day, week, or month

Find out more about online ad campaigns with our pay per click FAQ or get a free pay per click evaluation