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Houston Web Design and Hosting

At Bizopia, our Houston team knows that no two website designs should ever be built the same. We recognize that your business’ objectives are totally different from your competitors’. So why would you want a generic website that looks like theirs?

That is why, after over a decade in online & internet marketing, we won’t offer you a template package or gimmicks for your company. Your website and online marketing strategy should be as unique as your own business. We will personally work with you to help you determine what your company needs. YOUR strategies and YOUR needs––not someone else’s.  With your input, we promise to build you a one-of-a-kind, creative site, designed by a team of professional web designers that will automatically give you a head start over your competition. We offer complete website design services––from the ground floor up.

How Do We Start with a New Website?

We need to get to know you and your company.

We’ll schedule an interview, either face-to-face OR via phone, collect all the pertinent information and TOGETHER we’ll make the decision whether to redesign your current website or to develop a totally new site. Don’t have a website for us to evaluate?  No problem. With your input, we will start developing a website immediately. Through a personal conversation––yes, with a live person––one of our website and search engine optimization experts will begin to address your needs and internet advertising strategies. Information will be collected through this open dialogue and we’ll begin to assemble a keyword list through competitive keyword research.  We have team members that specialize in keyword management and will assist us in gathering the best words for your company and gaining the highest rankings possible in the SERPS.

With over 10 billion keyword searches fulfilled, can you afford to be using the wrong words? Call us today or fill out our FREE evaluation and quote request.

What goes into website design?

  • Customer Contact Information
  • Maps/Directions
  • Description of Services or Products
  • Visual Pictures/Photos of Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Testimonials
  • Specialized Links
  • Special Announcements & Advertising
  • Coupons
  • Social Media Links
  • Video Marketing, including
    • Slide Show of Products
    • Video of Service Performance
    • Interviews of Staff
    • Interviews of Previous Clients

Bizopia can help you realize that internet marketing and website possibilities are endless…