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SEO Video Marketing for Houston Businesses

Does your website marketing SPEAK for itself? In today’s mobile world, taking advantage of every type of digital data sharing possible is important, and video is king. With social media outlets like YouTube, video optimization and marketing is so incredibly important. Using video marketing naturally in web design and on social media platforms can instantly boost traffic to your website.

Here at Bizopia, we want you to have the most complete custom website possible using as many different methods of reaching potential customers as possible. Combined with our team’s expertise in other services such as SEO, custom web design and hosting, and pay per click advertising campaigns, the addition of video-marketing components to your website add excitement and a certain edginess that today’s Internet user enjoys. Your website more active, flashy, stimulating––and frankly, just more current.

Ever heard someone say, “If you want to remember something, you must hear it, see it, and say it at least three times”? With keyword-rich visual text in conjunction with video, you are one step closer to having users complete the trifecta of remembering your name, your product and your services.

How do we add VIDEO to your website?Houston Online Marketing SEO Company

Not only does adding a video marketing segment to your website create excitement and pizzazz, it adds yet another building block to your online advertising and marketing campaign. Research suggests that sites with Internet video components gain higher rankings in the SERPS (search engine result pages)––we want you to have those rankings.

Google and AOL conducted a study by using the global market insight and information group TNS to gather data on visual media use on the Internet. TNS found that:

78% of Internet users feel that online video ads provide as much or more of an opportunity to learn about a product or service than television (2,394 online users were polled between 18 and 54 years old).

SEO Video Optimization

As part of our services offered, we will submit your video to the various online video destinations and we will tag it in such a way to help you gain more visibility within the SERPS (search engine results pages).

YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are some of the online video destinations we will use to promote your video.

Video is Great for Social Marketing

Online video marketing is abundant on the Internet because it is such an easy way for people to digest information visually. We want to help you with all aspects of online marketing, and social marketing is now a huge part of it. Once video production is complete, Bizopia will distribute your new video to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and others as applicable.