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Keyword Research & Digital Marketing Services

Keyword research for your business evaluates and identifies relevant words people may use to search for your business. Including these keywords in your website and SEO strategies helps you rank on search engine results pages. It can also help you get the right kind of traffic to your website for better conversion rates. At Bizopia, our team offers expertise in search engine optimization keywords and keyword research for your internet marketing strategies.

While it may seem pretty straightforward picking keywords for your website, it’s actually a pretty involved process. Keyword Research for Organic TrafficOften, effective keyword research requires a lot of industry knowledge and innovative technology. For example, the differences between two keywords may seem trivial. However, often those differences make a difference in traffic to your site.

Do you know the difference between the keywords “Houston search engine optimization” and “Houston SEO?” Both refer to the same services. However, the SEO keyword has over 1,600 more searches a month. This means ranking for SEO is going to be more difficult than ranking for search engine optimization. However, it also means that if you do rank high for SEO, your website will get a higher amount of traffic. Therefore, we look for a balance between competition and search volume to help you achieve your business objectives.

Keywords for your business can’t be too broad. For example, if you search for “coffee,” you could  mean many different things. For example, you could be looking to order some beans, research the roasting process, find historical information, or want to find the nearest café. Broad terms are often quite competitive and are less likely to get you the conversions you want. However, if you choose a keyword like “organic coffee beans near me,” then your website may better answer the searcher’s intent – to buy organic coffee beans.

By contrast, getting too specific or using industry jargon may also produce less than spectacular results. For example, you may be able to rank quite high for the scientific name of the coffee plant, coffea arabica. However, how many of your customers are actually searching for this when they just need beans for their morning brew?

Another important thing to consider during keyword research is whether the keywords will vary by region. Let’s say you sell soft drinks. Not many people call your carbonated beverages “soft drinks” (or carbonated beverages, for that matter). However, there’s a debate throughout the country on what to call these drinks. Generally, the Midwest calls them “pop.” Those in the Northeast and Southwest call them soda. In the south, most people refer to them as “coke.” Keeping local information in mind will help your website reach the right geographical area.

Our keyword research experts at Bizopia help find terms that people are actually searching for and are relevant to your business. We assess search volume and keyword competitiveness to find keywords that are most useful for your business. In addition, we also help find other relevant keyword synonyms.

So, how do we find your keywords? First, we sit down with you to understand what your business is all about. We want to know what your main services are and what makes you different from your competitors. Then, we use advanced tools to find the keywords that will be most valuable for your website. We also research your competitors to understand what they are and aren’t ranking for. This helps us develop a search engine optimization strategy for your website.

Our team also considers search intent when crafting the content for your website. For example, if someone is searching for your services, what kind of questions might they have about your business? What information do they need about your product? We then answer these questions in the content on your website. This helps inform your customers, encourage conversions, and also boost search engine rankings.

Competitor Watch & Keyword Management

However, keyword research doesn’t end once we’ve created a high performing website with keyword optimized content. Our digital marketing specialists at Bizopia also provide ongoing services to help manage your keywords.

This includes:

  • Monitoring search engine rankings for each keyword
  • Posting new and updated keyword-rich content
  • Updating technical SEO tags as needed
  • Adjusting keywords as need be

All this helps your business succeed online. We also use keywords in social media posts for your business and in your pay per click ads for a comprehensive approach to digital marketing for your business.

As part of our ongoing keyword research and keyword management services, we also watch your competitors. Having competitive intelligence for SEO is a vital step in getting traffic to your website and gaining new customers. We monitor your online competitors for their keywords, rankings, and other information that helps us choose and manage keywords for your business.

Keeping track of your direct competitors’ keywords helps you compete against them online. It will help us stay on top of what’s popular in the industry, find valuable keywords, and learn which keywords are competitive to target. This helps us not only perform keyword research, but also update your strategies on an ongoing basis for optimal results. 

If you’re ready to start climbing in search engine results pages and increase traffic to your website, contact our experts for keyword research and SEO services. Call us today at (832) 327-3230!