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Should Your Website Speak for Itself?

Should your website speak for itself? Seriously? Here’s why it should. The global leader in measuring the digital world, comScore, released the U.S. Online Video Rankings for August 2010 today. This report suggests that 178 million U.S. internet users viewed online video content in August 2010. The numbers compute to an average of 14.3 hours per viewer. FOURTEEN HOURS? Oh my. That 178 million individual viewers racked in 5.2 billion online viewing sessions during August alone.

As you might expect, Google-owned YouTube.com ranked the highest on the list with 146.3 million unique viewers. Second on the list….wait for it…wait for it…Facebook, with 58.6 million unique viewers for a total of 243 million viewing sessions. Yahoo! sites came in third with 53.9 million unique viewers. Wow! Facebook – number 2? Are you producing online video content?

Website Design. With the above-mentioned numbers, why on Earth would you NOT have online video content on your website? It’s yet another marketing tool that can be used to reach a specific audience. When websites are designed correctly, and every opportunity is exhausted to get all of your pertinent information out there for the world to see, great things can happen.

Our goal at Bizopia, a Houston website design and internet marketing company, is to combine all of the latest trending techniques to get companies at the top of the search engines so you CAN be found. Everything from properly designed pages, constant search engine optimization, internet video, and proper application of social media marketing tools, is available with one company. Why organize multiple agencies, when you can get it all in one place? It’s like one-stop-shopping, my dream come true.

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