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SEO and Website Re-design – Does your Website rank like a Porsche or a Golf Cart?

Houston Digital Marketing & SEOWhen I am talking to business owners about their website, and why it is not ranking, many times I get the question, “In order for your search engine optimization services to work do I need to redesign my website?”  The short answer is no, but would you take a golf cart to Le Mans?  You don’t have to completely redesign your website, but we wouldn’t be talking if you were pleased with your website’s results so let’s take a look at the car (website) first before we discuss the fuel (Search Engine Optimization.)  Most business owners I meet with think they have addressed their website marketing needs because they have a website.  It may not get them business or drive much traffic, but the simple fact they have a website allows them to check off that task and wonder why their business isn’t growing. Many times their first website was built by a friend, child or part time web designer that has no clue about SEO.  The website may look good and talk about the products and services of the company, but without modern SEO architecture and content focus, the site will never rank in the search engines or on the clients preferred keywords.

So when you begin SEO marketing activity, it will improve the ranking of the website, but the results will not be near as successful if the website was built for SEO.  I like to compare it to putting high octane performance fuel in a go cart.  At the end of the day, it helps, but doesn’t get you there very fast. So my recommendation in most cases of a website re-design is to completely start over.  Build the website focused on the key words you are going after with a clear, focused, call to action.  The goal in any website is to have a visitor do what you want them to do, but they will never get that chance if they don’t find your website.  By building your website with the basic architecture of SEO: Keyword focused Title Tags, Keyword focused Header Tags, SEO Copywriting, Sitemap, etc. you can create a website or performance car ready to fly with online marketing activities.

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