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Is SEO dead? Spa Day Needed!

Is SEO dead? With so many companies shifting their marketing dollars and efforts from SEO to Social Media Marketing, some are left to wonder, is search engine optimization obsolete? In this day and age of digital communication via texts, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes of Instagram, building relationships with client and consumer hopefuls, can’t possibly be a bad thing if it’s done correctly. Right? It takes a dedicated and trusted social media manager, good strong strategies and proper management of the networks for social media marketing to really pay off.

Social bottle capsLet’s assume you are performing social media marketing correctly and that you are building a good following in all the major social networks. You are babysitting the networks and responding to inquiries in a timely fashion and people seem excited. Are you converting these new “friends” and “likes” into sales? If not, why? Could it be that ALL of your efforts are going into social media and that you haven’t checked your website lately? Maybe your website is just not up to speed with what this technology savvy, social client base you’ve been diligently working on needs.

Guarantee: Times and strategies will constantly change. There are only so many hours in the day to complete all the necessary tasks of running and maintaining a business. One task that cannot be overlooked, ever, is SEO. Good, old fashioned, white hat search engine optimization. Fine tuning your content, titles and pertinent information on your website is crucial to an engaging website. With information on how the search engines utilize urls and meta-info being a bit sketchy, page titles, images and paragraph titles have to be engaging yet convey the correct information of the content quickly.

Might I suggest a Spa & Salon Day for your website? Spa & Salon Day? Really? Did a real live, experienced SEO/SMM strategist just suggest a spa day for a website? Yep. Sure did. Websites need a little love and pampering too. While social media marketing is an absolutely wonderful way to gain new clients, if your website can’t support your SMM efforts of traffic to your site, you aren’t going to ride the social revolution wave…at all.

Spa Day Specials for your website could be:

  • Facelift: Does the content on your website need a facelift in order to utilize keywords representative of your company’s needs? Is the content of great quality? Is it engaging enough for the reader?
  • Manicure & Tips: File down your titles and make them engaging, yet short. Are you page and paragraph titles suggestive enough to keep a visitor on the page?
  • Soothing Eye Treatment: Does your website flash and blink and sliders make readers dizzy? Are images eye catching or distracting? Don’t forget some could be viewing on a mobile device.
  • Microdermabrasion:  Scrub and remove that dead content that is no longer applicable.
  • Full Body Massage: Does information flow in an easily navigable manner or do you have to “massage” it to get where you want to go? Do your menus and buttons still go where you think they go?

Spa Days can be expensive, especially when done right. But with regular website maintenance, hopefully you site can stick with spa treatments and not have to go the surgery route! Don’t forget….SEO IS NOT DEAD!

Melanie Ledbetter-Remy | Bizopia – Social Media