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Why LinkedIn Is the Best Houston Social Media Marketing Network for B2B Marketers

If you are a business-to-business (B2B) marketer, you probably wonder if any of the Houston social media marketing platforms is worth spending time on. There is no question that social media works for consumer businesses. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have built-in tools that cater to commerce. 

But, B2B marketers have a unique challenge when it comes to using social media. The same platforms that work for consumer businesses do not perform as well for B2B companies. One platform, however, is made for B2B marketing. That platform is LinkedIn. 

Below are the reasons LinkedIn is the best Houston SEO social media platform for B2B marketers. 

LinkedIn Is Business 

LinkedIn was developed as a business platform from the very beginning. As of Sept. 18, 2018, LinkedIn had 260 million users worldwide, and that number continues to grow. LinkedIn is also the No. 1 channel used by B2B marketers. Even more impressive is the fact that LinkedIn is responsible for over 50 percent of traffic to B2B blogs and websites. 

LinkedIn Builds Thought Leadership Reputations 

Because LinkedIn is business oriented, B2B professionals who are active members of communities build positive online reputations over time. LinkedIn includes content publishing, following, sharing and commenting capabilities that give B2B marketers valuable access to their targeted audience and help marketers establish a reputation as thought leaders in their fields. 

LinkedIn Lead Generation 

Similar to the way consumer businesses use Facebook and Twitter to engage customers and attract prospects, LinkedIn provides ample opportunities to engage potential clients and build relationships. 

LinkedIn and Research 

Because of LinkedIn’s professional, industry and business focus, B2B marketers gain insight into industry projections and statistics as well as the latest news and trends. 

LinkedIn also gives B2B marketers invaluable information about target prospects. Simply visiting a company page provides a wealth of knowledge about the prospect and opens the door to engagement. 

LinkedIn Company Pages 

In the beginning, LinkedIn was a professional-to-professional social networking platform. It still does that, but with the introduction of company pages, LinkedIn gave businesses a way to introduce themselves to the world. 

For B2B businesses, company pages not only give marketers a venue to strengthen an online presence but provide an avenue to publish content, directly engage with industry leaders and target prospects and enhance Houston search engine marketing strategies. 

If you are a B2B marketer, LinkedIn is the most effective platform to enhance your Houston social media marketing strategies, build your reputation and lead you to targeted audience engagement. 

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