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When Working with Creatives – BEWARE!

Recently, I assigned what should have been a relatively simple task – to write an updated, personal biography for our Bizopia “About Us” page – to an amazing team of creatives. This team of digital marketing strategists sits in what we call “The Cave” (a walled section of the office), where things can get little lively at times. The snickers, giggles, out loud laughter, makes me smile while working…all the way down the hall. We are blessed to have such a great team, that being said…

After disseminating the instructions for the biographies, the fun began via chat and I received a few questions:

  • Does it need to be a bio or just why we think we’re good at our job?
  • Can it be wacky?
  • Does it have to be all professional like everyone else’s?
  • Wow – can you write all of ours? I think this could be really fun.
  • Mel, we should do our favorite memes/gifs instead of bios.
  • We should get to have our favorite GIFS or memes to describe us, so I have two.
  • Let’s do boomerang videos intend of headshots.
  • But knowing my awkward self I wouldn’t know what to do in the boomerang.
  • I’m letting you know now that if we go boomerang picture/video things, I’m doing the Macarena for mine.

With a heavy work load on everyone’s shoulders, I suggested a due date of next Monday, but the meme sharing began full steam ahead. After a bit,  I suggested I jest, “Maybe I SHOULD write these for you.” That suggestion brought on the following comments:

  • Go for gold! I have no shame lady.
  • My dad calls me the mouth of the south.
  • Mel, you know me well. I’ll pay you to writer my bio lol.
  • I’m secure enough in myself to take on whatever creativity you feel applicable while writing my bio.
  • I’ve already picked my memes (see below) and I’m done.

Bios began dropping in via email, all of which will of course be rewritten, but they were way too funny to NOT share. They are for the most part, short and sweet:

  • “Want to take your social media to the next level? Hire us!” 
  • “Stop looking at my bio and start looking at hiring our company.”

Then there’s our special creative team member whose identity shall be protected:

“Cave Gal #3” went to “a university in the south” and loves marketing. She has a deep love of history, books, libraries, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, renaissance festivals, British television, cozy mysteries and pizza. She’s coined herself a “sexy nerd”, a girl who by all outward appearances would never be considered one who loved such dorky things. Her pride and joy is her 22 pounds Maine coon mix cat, Ellie, that thinks she’s a dog.

She knows how to fix fence posts, mow a lawn and whistle. Considered a boss a$$ bitch, mouth of the south, and especially gifted napper. A woman of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by her mystery. She believes one should never try to teach a pig to sing- it wastes your time and annoys the pig. She comes recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.”

Do you have this much fun at work? Well….we do. Our Bizopia team is laid back, has fun, and works well together to engage our clients’ target audiences in efforts to drive traffic to websites.

Are you looking for a TRULY gifted and creative marketing team to have at your fingertips, creating good content on a daily basis, reaching out to your target audience and engaging in conversation? Give us a call – we might fit the bill!

And the Giphy meme sharing goes on…wouldn’t trade it for anything!

~ Melanie

**NOTE**: Cave Gal #3 wrote this in under 2 minutes and that’s why she’s a perfect fit as a digital media strategist.