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Trial by Fire – Meet Heather Miller

Consider yourself previously blog-warned. To catch you up:  I’ve requested biographies (self-written) from the entire team for our new website design. Some team members are dragging their feet “because they don’t like talking about themselves.” I’ve threatened to write everyone’s bio for them and THAT didn’t even get the creative SELF-REFLECTION going. Keep in mind – this group can write about carpet fuzz and make it interesting. Our daily dialogs on chat range from quite funny to all out crazy at times. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The latest to submit, is the 2nd to newest, on the Bizopia team. Meet Heather Miller. Heather had NO IDEA what she was getting herself into, and has jumped in with both feet while we used the “trial by fire” method of teaching with Craig’s then, impending retirement. As a 2016 graduate of LSU and most recently a Masters grad from University of Louisiana-Lafayette, she’s a HUGE asset to our team. That being said, energy and all, she backed way off on her biography – it’s no where funny enough but here it is…with Mel’s adds in red 🙂

Heather Miller graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Marketing in 2016 and went on a bit further to claim a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2019. With the desire to grow with a digital marketing firm in a bustling city, Heather left her Louisiana roots (yet she drives back to LA almost every weekend) and moved to Houston, Texas, where she has joined the Bizopia team as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. Heather is certified in Google AdWords and manages clients’ paid advertising campaigns across platforms. She also manages content and blog creation (managing content writers is like herding kittens), keyword research and planning, and website traffic reporting in Google Analytics. Heather acts as a liaison between clients and the Bizopia team for all customer service and support needs.

When she’s not juggling (haven’t actually seen her juggle, give me a few minutes here for video proof) her many tasks at the office, Heather dedicates most of her free time to eating snacks (currently she’s trying to be good by eating a protein bar while offering me Skittles/Chips/Almonds), drinking half cups of coffee (out of REALLY large coffee cups that dwarf her), and snuggling with her dearest Golden Retriever, Sullivan. Heather prides herself on being a little bit of a weirdo while simultaneously being incredibly cool (Really? Not weird, but strong, good-opinionated AND cool). You may hear her before you see her (if you know Mel…she’s Mel-loud), but you surely won’t be disappointed once you’re greeted with her friendly and enthusiastic spirit (all smiles and sarcasm)Heather is awesome. Be more like Heather.

Blooper: *** “With big shoes to fill following the retirement of Craig Tomas, Heather unfortunately only wears a size 8.5.” ****

Always having fun ~ Melanie