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The Four R’s of Twitter

twitter-117595_960_720-289x300Interested in maximizing Twitter’s potential online as a marketing strategy? Below are four R’s of Twitter – Respond, Retweet, Reap and Reward. All very important aspects to a successful Twitter campaign.

1. Respond

Many social media studies show that the most successful brands do a great job at responding to their customers on Twitter. If you don’t respond it suggests that you don’t care. You do care, right? They way we see it, if you don’t respond, you are missing a valuable opportunity to connect with current and potential customers on some level.

I have clients that say, “I don’t want to respond to negative comments.” Why not? Positive or negative, it’s still an opportunity to connect with followers (aka – potential or current clients). Social media activity lends a personality to your company. You want that personality to be one that cares.

Do you have a Twitter account that you don’t tend to? Take it down or play the game. And by all means…..RESPOND.

2. Retweet

Do you get excited when someone shares your tweets? When customers share your content, it’s a great feeling – one that suggests someone appreciates what you’ve posted. In fact, they’ve connected with YOU on your level – a potential marketing level. Your choice of content.

Take advantage of this connection. Cultivate the connection. Consider fostering the connection on their level by retweeting something of theirs? Peruse their profile page. Find something interesting – even if it’s their bio. Social media etiquette: Sharing is caring.

3. Reap

Reap the benefits of followers. Definition of reap per Merriam Webster Dictionary: receive (a reward or benefit) as a consequence of one’s own or other people’s actions. Use your followers to share your content. Ask them to share your content, don’t just throw it out there in hopes that someone does something with it.

To reap the benefit of followers, you need to know your audience. What are they interested in? Might not have anything to do with your business. Capitalize on that. Figure it out.

4. Reward

Consider running a Twitter contest of some type that provides some worth to your followers. It doesn’t have to be complicated— Caption contests are fun and the easier it is to participate, the more likely it is that people will. It’s a marketing opportunity that many miss.

Offer a token of appreciation. Consider a promotional product type of prize. Of course, make sure your name is on it. If you have a storefront type of business, have them come in to pick the prize up and show them around. Take a picture of them. If you don’t have a store front, mail them their gift. Mail is cheap. Take a picture of the prize getting wrapped up and share it with your followers. Ask the recipient to do the same when they receive it. It’s win-win for everyone and so incredibly easy.

Overwhelmed by these ideas? Consider outsourcing your social media efforts to a reputable firm with in-house social media marketers that know who to stir up your followers in a way that you can respond, retweet, reap and reward. Why “in-house”? You want to be able to pick the phone up and talk to the person/people that are acting on your behalf. Knowing your account manager is huge as they will be the face of your company.

Outsourcing our social media efforts also creates a situation where you can continue doing what you do best, while allowing a SMM to do what they do best. A social media expert will keep your profiles update across all outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc) or whichever outlets you decide best fit your potential clients. They’ll post regularly and at times that your followers are active online. They should provide you reports with detail demonstrating types of posts, numbers of posts, activity on posts, etc. If they don’t, RUN!

Employing a turnkey website design, search engine marketing and social media marketing company to handle your online presence can help you reap the rewards of an active online presence.

At Bizopia –  the perfect place for businesses online – we have an entire team of social media marketers that interact with clients and their followers on a daily basis. Call today for more information.