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The Facts About Google Changes and Growing Your SEO

You know the saying that nothing is certain but death and taxes. If you own, manage or are responsible for Houston web design and search engine optimization for an online business, there is one other certainty you can count on. You can be sure that Google will continue to change the way it indexes websites to weed out spammers and provide relevant results. You can also be sure that any one of those changes could lead to a drastic drop in your search engine results page rank.

What can you do to prevent your site from losing its place when Google keeps changing the rules?

Google and Its Mysterious Algorithms

An algorithm is a method of applying specific rules to problem solve or calculate a result. Since day one, Google began refining its method of serving results to more accurately match user’s search inquiries. This method or process is called an algorithm.

Google updates its algorithm approximately 500 to 600 times per year. Most updates are minor and do not change your website’s standing. But, major updates have the ability to profoundly change your rank.

Google’s algorithm change placing a greater emphasis on mobile-friendly websites was one example of an update that negatively impacted many business SEO rankings. If a business did not have a Houston website design already in place that worked on both computers and mobile devices, it fell from sight.

When it comes to Houston social media marketing and Google search rankings, part of the problem is that updates seem to come out of the blue. Often, the first sign of an update is the loss of a positive search engine ranking. Decreased website traffic, reduced revenue and a lowered ROI are just some of the possible negatives when a website loses visibility.

What Does Google Want?

A better question is “What does Google not want?” Google is not just a search engine. It is also a business that sells advertising. It makes sense that Google does not want your product or service page to show up high on the search engine results page unless you pay. In order to rank high without using paid advertising, you have to use other means.

How to Keep Up With Google Updates

Keeping up with Google updates and staying ahead of the game means following industry leaders and SEO news sites and rapidly responding to upcoming changes. Responses often include rewriting website content, applying search engine keywords and phrases differently and posting high-quality content on a consistent basis.

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