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Leveraging the Power of Social Media With SEO Link Building

Rumors swirl every time the subject of social media and link building as part of a Houston SEO plan comes up for discussion. Some marketers believe social media has no influence on link building at all. Other marketers believe social media has an impact but only indirectly. Is link building through SEO possible? If the answer is yes, is it worth pursuing?

What Social Media Platforms Do for Business

Ask any Houston social media marketing professional how social networks benefit businesses, and you get a lot of answers. Social media builds relationships. Social networking platforms lend credibility and authenticity. Sharing messages gives businesses a greater reach. Every one of these statements is true.

But, what is missing from the list of benefits is the fact that there is a positive correlation between sharing social media posts and the acquisition of backlinks. And, this positive connection is something website marketers have the ability to build on for better Houston SEO results.

Are Backlinks Still Important?

In a word, yes, backlinks are still important. Google places a heavy emphasis on authoritative backlinks to determine a site’s page rank. But, the methods for getting backlinks have changed.

Not so long ago, website link trading was the most common method of gaining backlinks. Business websites typically included a page only for links to other sites and, in most cases, those sites reciprocated. Because of changes in the way Google views backlinks, the trading link method no longer works.

Backlinks still play a major role in your website’s rank, but obtaining backlinks now involves a different Houston search engine marketing approach.

Making Social Media Work for SEO Link Building

Link building through social networking is not as straightforward as trading links. In fact, while studies show increased backlinks originating with social networking posts, backlinks tend to result only from specific types of content. The social network platform used plays a role as well.

Clearly, link building through social media is a powerful tool worth the time and effort. But, it is a multilayered process that has to be done the right way.

How to Leverage Social Media and SEO Link Building

The power of SEO link building through social media cannot be ignored. Backlinks give your website a leg up in Google rankings. But, obtaining backlinks in today’s online world is more difficult. It means coming up with the right message and producing high-quality content as well as using the social platform that best fits your business and its target customer.

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