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PPC and SEO: Better Together

Do you manage your Houston search engine marketing strategies separately from your pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns? You might want to take a second look. It turns out that using search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC in conjunction gives your company a powerful edge over the competition.

Does a PPC and SEO Partnership Work?

A coordinated PPC and SEO partnership delivers positive benefits that implementing strategies separately does not. What happens when you coordinate your PPC and SEO efforts?

Increased Search Engine Visibility

If your goal is increased company visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs), pairing your SEO and PPC efforts is the way to do it. If your company shows up in the top paid and organic search engine results, user perception is that you are the industry leader. Dominating both types of listings means increased organic web traffic, engagement, paid clicks and a higher return on investment.

Coordinating Adds Power to Your SEO Efforts

Effective Houston search engine marketing implementation is a powerful tool in a company’s Houston website design, page content, blog and social media post arsenal. The incorporation of keywords, title tags and meta descriptions within a website is designed to increase organic rank.

Many of the same strategies that result in higher rankings within an SEO plan also work with PPC campaigns and vice versa. In fact, a PPC ad is prime testing ground to determine how specific keyword phrases impact paid clicks. That information gives you solid data to use throughout your SEO efforts.

Ad data also gives you insight into where customers live and who is most likely to buy. Specific times that consumers purchase your products and keyword phrases the target audience use in searches are also provided. A large number of consumer data is provided in your paid advertising and overall SEO approach.

The Same Yet Different

Of course, Houston web design SEO plans and PPC ads are different animals. Each has its own set of unique features, benefits and methods. When it comes to SERPs, SEO and PPC clearly work better together. Common elements such as the top searched keyword phrases and your target audience demographics make both your SEO and PPC efforts much more effective.

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