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Local Businesses and Social Media Marketing: What You Need to Know

Social Media MarketingDo you own a business that only serves the local region? If so, you might think you do not need a Houston social media marketing strategy. After all, your customers know you and already do business with you, right?

But, did you know that social media and search engine optimization are just as important for local businesses as they are for national and international corporations? If you do not have a social media marketing plan, take a look at what you are missing.

The Truth in the Social Media Numbers

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are social media platforms that millions of Americans use. By late 2018, Facebook alone boasted a user base of 190 million.

Still, you probably think the number of users Facebook has does not matter. Your business serves the local population, not the entire nation. But, it only stands to reason that if so many Americans use Facebook, a large segment of your local population does, too.

If you already have a Facebook account, you are one step closer to making it work for you. You have to develop an effective Houston social media marketing plan to get the most out of it, though.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

You already promote your business. Perhaps you use direct mail. You might purchase radio or television advertising spots on local media outlets. But, building a relationship with customers on social media is a cost-effective strategy than pays off in big ways when expertly implemented.

A Facebook business account is free. Of course, an effective Houston Pay Per Click campaign is an affordable option, but the only cost is time with most social media platforms.

Think of social media as the modern day word-of-mouth. The only difference is that social media has a much wider reach than over-the-fence conversations between neighbors.

The use of social media marketing and effective Houston SEO practices grows your business in ways no other advertising method does. You already promote your business, so why not use the most powerful marketing avenues available?

Social Media Marketing and Local Business: A Partnership That Works

Facebook incorporates tools that let your followers promote your local business for you. Facebook Recommendations promotes businesses in two ways. Current customers use the recommendation feature to voice their happiness with your product or service.

The feature also gives you an edge when local users search for recommendations. If you have positive customer recommendations, your business and location will appear in the search results when users who have never heard of you search for the services you offer.

Of course, using Facebook and other social media platforms leaves you open to public criticism as well. But, they also give you a chance to make it right in a public way. In the end, the way you treat customers is what sticks in users’ minds.

If you are a local business ready to cut costs and grow with a powerful Houston social media marketing strategy, give the experts at Bizopia a call at 832-327-3230.