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Let’s Get Social in 2016 | Bizopia Buzz

Let’s get SOCIAL in 2016….what? It’s 2021 now, and we are updating our digital and social marketing posts, and updating the importance of social, because it’s more than important NOW, than ever.  It’s fun to go back and read stats, so we’ll leave the 2016 stats right here along side 2021!

Are you just the slight bit curious about how social media might be helping your competitors? Just a tiny bit? In 2021, the main social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google My Business, Instagram, Yelp, etc) are used by 72% but might still be wrapping their head around HOW social media “works” for companies.

#DYK in 2016:

  • … that Facebook has 1.74 billion users that you could be interacting with customers RIGHT NOW this very minute?
  • … that Twitter has 316 million account holders, with 25 million active and 80% of them are mobile users?
  • … the average YouTube mobile user spends 40 minutes per session and over a billion people visit daily?
  • … that Google has over 1.17 Billion UNIQUE monthly searchers?

#DYK in 2021:

  • … that Facebook 2.89 billion users that you could be interacting with customers RIGHT NOW this very minute?
  • … that Twitter has Twitter had 206 million monetizable daily active users worldwide. and 91% of them are mobile users? (NOTE: Politics has gotten in the way here.)
  • … the average YouTube mobile user spends 18 minutes per session and browses at least eight different pages on the platform.  There being more than 31 million YouTube channels to choose content from.
  • … that Google has over 3.5 Billion UNIQUE DAILY searches?

 Can you afford to ignore these social marketing post stats in 2021?


Houston Social Marketing Posts

Are you willing to see the possibility that social media marketing is transforming the way the world does business online via computer AND via mobile device? Interested yet?

Can social media become a marketing machine for you?

YouTube. Video is THE way to engage and draw customers to your company.  You Tube Statistics provide data for the most incredible and under utilized video platform that take your company to new levels if used correctly? Does your company even have a marketable video?

Facebook. You have a personal Facebook account. You post about your family and friends. You like your friends’ pictures of their dogs. How can this behavior POSSIBLY turn into sales? Have you ever considered posting about your company? Sharing with your followers and friends your company’s products and services is the way to go, can you imagine being able to be a part of the discussion?

Google. Google enjoys 92.5% of the US Market search-wise, with 3.5 BILLION,  billion unique (that’s right, unique – individual) searches . Are you willing to ignore a total optimized web presence opportunity with numbers like these?

Twitter. Have you’ve heard about Twitter and how easy it is to engage with your customers?

  • 2016: With 316+million active users , sending 6million tweets a day, and 80% are active on some type of mobile device, Twitter is a great marketing platform.
  • 2021: With over 3 billion accounts, On average, 500 million tweets as social marketing posts are shared every day. This can be further broken down to 6,000 tweets per second, 350,000 tweets per minute, and around 200 billion tweets every year. The first tweet was sent on March 21, 2006, by Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter.


Want to know what the most common complaint from most companies is? There are solutions to time management and some are easier than others.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable marketing opportunity: OUTSOURCE your social media marketing activities. A good social media marketing company will offer and share strategies, discuss your companies “online personality” upfront, before managing your accounts for you. They’ll do their due-diligence and research potential communities to participate in. If they don’t want to discuss things upfront, RUN. And FAST.

Trust has to be a huge issue – and really should be, but a good social media company will interview the major players or the marketing department in efforts to get the feel for the company. They should inquire about the company’s thoughts on how to handle negative press or reviews while sharing admin rights with key personnel as backup to issues “on the list.” When outsourcing social media marketing responsibilities, your company – AT ALL TIMES – should have access to your accounts, and should be kept in the loop for any necessary password changes. Again, if they don’t… RUN. And fast.

If you are considering outsourcing necessary social media tasks, follow your gut. It’s like choosing friends. Your social media company should be “part of the family” and kept in the loop of what is going on at your company. It’s takes two to communicate. Well, you can talk to yourself, but no one is listening. HA!

Consider adding on social marketing posts as a part of your digital marketing plan. Consider calling Bizopia – family owned and operated, in-house online marketing company – for your social media, website and online presence needs. Call today. 832.327.3230

Edited Aug 2021 | Melanie Ledbetter-Remy