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Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile First - Mobile FriendlyIs Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Google has made it abundantly clear that SEARCH is moving towards mobile, technologically speaking with regards to mobile friendly websites and the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). More than enough of a heads up was given to all companies, all agencies and all small businesses to make sure websites are mobile friendly. That actually happened years ago! Google began changing the way websites were being crawled by their bots (Google Robots). If webmasters log in Google’s Search Console (which has hopefully been set up for your domain), administrators can see when Google turned on “Mobile First” for your site.

Google’s parent company is SO serious about mobile websites and mobile technology that Alphabet just entered into a deal to purchase Fitbit for $2.1 Billion dollars (Learn more on Alphabet’s purchase of Fitbit). TWO BILLION DOLLARS. Think they are serious now? Fitbit produces wearable technology and Google’s parent Alphabet hopes to “catch up” with the Apple Watch phenomenon as Android devices have frankly just not kept up. Apple is reporting that that “Wearables,  Home and Accessories” have grown in revenue from $4.2 billion to $6.5 billion over the past year.

What Exactly Does Mobile First Mean?

Mobile First, means that Google is looking at the mobile version of your website first, instead of the desktop version when indexing websites. This process has really shaken up the world of search for those that got behind the eight ball on the change. Long story short – Google is crawling and indexing your web page based on what it looks like and offers the mobile user. As of December 2018, Search Engine Land reported that mobile-first indexing was in place for more than 50% of Google’s indexing initiatives. What does this mean for the average website trying to compete on the local or national stage?

Mobile Website Design for PDAs

Mobile websites must display correctly on all mobile PDA and digital devices and that takes a webmaster or website designer that is well versed in what’s involved. What is a PDA device? It is simple a mobile or personal digital device (or personal palm device). To most, a mobile device is anything that combines person computing with phone/text and networking capabilities. What devices are included as a mobile device? Mobile devices can be anything from a smartphone to a tablet like an Apple iPad or Android Galaxy tablet.

Many site owners think that it’s as easy as applying a free app of some type to an older website. It is not at all. You can’t just shrink a website down for easy viewing on mobile devices. A poor site load time or a poor mobile site load time can seriously affect your page rankings in the SERPS, and that is nothing something businesses can afford in today’s digital device-led markets. With Google assigning all websites with a mobile-first indexing crawl, sites MUST be updated to today’s crawl standards. From “clickable items too close together” to slow loads on images, this all affects certain aspects of a website’s “job” – its job to provide information, and fast information to that search for information and/or services.

The Struggle is Real

The demand and struggle for a fast, information website that also looks great is real. Call Bizopia today. Your business can get caught up to speed on what’s involved in updating your current site or starting over. Sometimes a rebranding project can jumpstart online traffic and sales and drive unique and target-audience rich traffic to your site. Just give us a call – we can help! 832-327-3230 OR check out our website at BIZOPIA – The Perfect Place for Online Marketing. Bizopia dominates in branding, website design and digital marketing. All of these together presents the opportunity for a powerful online presence…which ALL companies and brands, regardless of size, need in today’s digital world.