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How to Optimize Your Blog for Houston SEO

Houston SEOYou probably know that an engaging and informative blog is an important tool for your business. An effective blog not only enhances your business’s online reputation and broadens your brand’s reach, but when effectively utilized, it also boosts your Houston SEO rankings. 

If you are confused about how to use your blog for Houston search engine optimization to improve your business website rankings, you are not alone. A recent study found that though more than half of businesses surveyed had blogs, only 35 percent of those business blogs were updated in the past year. 

A blog is one of the most effective SEO tools in your arsenal if know how to take advantage of its tremendous marketing potential. Include the following blog optimization steps in your overall Houston social media marketing plan for higher rankings and increased customer engagement. 

1. Know your keywords 

Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to research your competitors and discover the keywords and phrases users commonly use to find businesses like yours. Once you become familiar with the keywords and phrases people use, incorporate them into your blog posts. 

Do not keyword stuff your post or throw keywords or phrases into sentences that do not make sense. Google penalizes sites that misuse keywords. Use them sparingly and only when it makes sense to do so. 

2. Plan each post 

Each blog post should be informative and relevant, but you can cover a lot of different territories within those parameters. Ask yourself who your target audience is before you begin writing. Do you want to reach out to current customers with news, how-to information or special promotions in this post? Or, do you want to target those who are not yet customers? Write for a variety of different audiences over time to maximize reach. 

3. Include links 

Links play an important role when it comes to Houston SEO. If you reference another blogger, link to the information as well. Include authoritative links within the content from industry experts and influencers. Links add credibility to your blog and often result in reciprocal links back to your site. 

4. Use social media to broaden your reach 

You probably already use Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts for your business. Gain higher visibility by promoting your blog posts on your social media accounts. If your blog posts are engaging and informative, your community members and followers share with their friends and communities. Your posts reach an entirely new audience. 

5. Get help 

Your blog is too important to leave to chance. If you need help with effective Houston SEO blog strategies, call Bizopia at 832-327-3230 for a free consultation.