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How Our Free Website & Marketing Analysis Works

People at our Houston internet marketing agency looking at computer for our free website and marketing analysis
Our Houston internet marketing agency offers a free analysis for your website and digital marketing to help you enhance your presence online.

How well is your website working for your business? Is it effective? What about your current marketing strategies? If you can’t answer these questions, it’s time to get some answers. That’s why our Houston internet marketing agency offers a free website & digital marketing analysis for your business. This means our experts will scour your website and your business’ online presence for free and tell you what is and isn’t working for you currently. Let’s talk about why you need a site analysis and some of the things we might look at for your business. 

Why Get a Free Website & Marketing Analysis from our Houston Internet Marketing Agency?

Our free website and marketing analysis gives you data compiled by our experts on how well your website and your online marketing strategies are working for your business. Knowing if your strategies and tactics are working helps you determine whether you’re getting a return on your marketing investments. 

So, why should you get an evaluation from our team? Here are some of the advantages:

  • We’re Experts: Getting an analysis from our team means you get information and recommendations from people who specialize in online marketing. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and know what works and what doesn’t. 
  •  We Have a Proven Track Record: We’ve helped businesses of all sizes and in all industries successfully grow and increase visibility online, so you know that our info is good. 
  • We Have the Tools: Evaluating a website and a digital marketing strategy requires special tools to look at things like website traffic, site code, links, and other key components. We have those tools already so there’s no need for you to pay for access to them. 

What Our Houston Internet Marketing Agency Looks at for Your Website & Marketing Analysis

You might be wondering what we look at for our website and marketing analysis for your business. Our digital marketing agency customizes this to your business, but here are some of the things we may evaluate: 

Does Your Website Use Houston Search Engine Optimization Tactics?

One of the things we look at is whether your website is good for Houston search engine optimization (SEO). There are many layers to SEO, but essentially we look for things that search engines like Google use to rank your site for relevant searches. Basically this means, how well can people find your business website by searching on the internet? There are several factors our Houston internet marketing agency may look at to determine how valuable your current SEO tactics are:

Our Houston Internet Marketing Agency Looks For Keywords

During a website evaluation, one of the things we’ll look at is your keyword usage. Keywords are important for Houston search engine optimization because they tell search engines what you do and what searches you should rank for. We’ll look at whether you’re using keywords, how often they appear in the copy, as well as the quality of the keywords your website uses. For instance, you might rank really well for a certain niche keyword, but if there are only 10 searches for it per year, that’s not a very valuable keyword. The same is true if your keywords are really vague and competitive, as they might not capture the right search intent as someone looking for your products or services. 

Our Experts Look at the Content Quality

Content quality is another big one for Google and other search engines. There are many things that make the content on your website good quality or bad quality. For instance, if you have a lot of spelling and grammar errors, that’s probably a bad sign. More than that, it’s also important that the content speaks to your audience and gives them the information they need. Your website content should be informative and persuasive. It also should be written for the website user. In most cases, that means leaving out all the industry jargon and ultra-technical details that your target audience wouldn’t know and making your content easy to digest for your customers. 

We Evaluate the Tags, Descriptions & Headings

An important part of search engine optimization is adding titles, tags, descriptions, and headings throughout your website. These pieces of information tell search engine crawlers what is most important about your website and also allow them to “read” graphics like images and videos. Our Houston internet marketing agency looks at whether you have them and how well they’re crafted to see if there is room for improvement. These pieces of information go right into the code of your website, so it’s an essential part of SEO. 

Our Houston Internet Marketing Agency Checks Your Rankings on Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo

Another way we evaluate your online marketing strategies is looking at your website’s rankings. We will compile a list of relevant keywords and run it through a ranking report to see where you appear in search results. The goal is to be on the first page, the higher the better. If you’re not showing up on the search results for keywords that make sense for your business, that’s a bad sign. 

Our Digital Marketing Agency Assesses Website Design

Your business needs a well designed website to create a good reputation online. Poor quality websites not only tend to rank low in search engines, but also can make website users immediately click the back button. Here are some of the design components we may look at for your site:

Is Your Website Attractive

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there are some design principles your website should follow. These characteristics appeal to the majority of people online to create an attractive, professional site for your business. 

One of the first things our Houston internet marketing agency looks at is whether the text is easy to read. If you’re using oddly stylized fonts or font colors that don’t offer enough contrast, it may be hard or downright impossible to read your copy. This is a huge turnoff for website visitors. 

Also, we look for balanced design. Having too much clutter or too much white space can also detract from your website’s message and, ultimately, the representation of your brand. Super cluttered websites also come off as spammy or outdated, which definitely hurts your image. 

Our Houston Internet Marketing Agency Determines if Your Website is Easy to Use

Even the prettiest website isn’t worth much if people can’t use it. If your navigation is atrocious and most of the buttons don’t work, then, “Houston, we have a problem.” This might seem like a no-brainer, but there are many business websites out there right now that don’t function well or are so difficult to use that people are choosing their competitors instead. You don’t want to be one of them! That’s why our Houston internet marketing agency will look at the functionality of your site during our free website analysis. 

Is there a Clear Call-to-Action?

What do you want website users to do once they make it to your site? Is that completely clear? For instance, if you want them to fill out a contact form so that you can call them back and discuss their needs for your services, is it easy to find and do you explicitly tell them to do so? That’s another important part of both your website design and the content on your website. You need a compelling, clear call-to-action (CTA) to get results. Our experts look for this as well as ways we can improve your CTA. 

Evaluating Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Your website is important, but there are also other parts of your internet marketing strategies. We can also address these in our free marketing evaluation. Some things we may look for include:

Our Houston Internet Marketing Agency May Look for Social Profiles & Online Reviews

Social media can be a game changer for your online marketing when used correctly. Also, let’s not forget that online reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms make a major impact on people researching your business. Are you handling all of these effectively? We can also evaluate your social media marketing strategies to see how well you’re doing and how we can improve them. 

Are You Using Your Business Blog?

Content is king and content marketing is a great way to get new website users and customers. If you’re not using your business blog, you should be. Also, blogs are a great way to create new search engine optimized content to improve your organic results like rankings and traffic. We’ll look at your blog and see if you are using it as effectively as you could be. 

Have a PPC Campaign? Let us Check it Out for You

Our digital marketing agency can also analyze your PPC campaigns to see if there’s room for optimization. Optimizing pay per click ads helps reduce costs and increase effectiveness. Our team can look through your Google Ads account and determine if you have the right budget, ad copy, keywords, and other components dialed in to maximize results.  

Get Results with Bizopia – Houston Internet Marketing Agency with Proven Results

 Our team at Bizopia is here to get your business marketing results. We specialize in comprehensive digital marketing solutions, including search engine optimization, website design, social media marketing, and paid advertising. Our number one goal is to help you succeed and enhance your visibility and image on the internet. Get started with our free website and marketing analysis to learn how we can optimize your online presence.