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Google My Business Posts: Do They Matter?

Incorporating SEO into blog posts, Facebook and Twitter messages is a given. But, does your Houston social media marketing plan include Google My Business? If not, should it?

What Is Google My Business?

At first glance, Google My Business appears to be a business directory with details that include a company’s location, contact information and operating hours. But, the detailed listing is only part of the picture.

Google My Business also includes a social media posting platform. And, because it is Google, its social media platform has the potential to become a powerful part of your complete Houston search engine marketing blueprint.

Why Google My Business Posts Give You a Competitive Advantage

Google My Business listings show up on the right side of search result pages. A listing often includes graphics, a map to a specific location and possibly user reviews. Each of these factors is critical in Google search engine rankings.

Even more important, Google My Business now surpasses any other social media platform, including Facebook, when it comes to local search relevancy and rank. Why is that? Because Google places more weight on searches that come through its own engine than those of social media. More weight equals higher rankings.

Add the fact that millions of more people use Google search than any other type of search and you have an SEO tool you cannot ignore. If Google My Business is not part of your Houston web design and SEO marketing plan now, it should be.

Google My Business Tools You Can Use

Claiming your Google My Business listing opens a lot of doors, but it is only the beginning. Google continues to roll out ways to optimize your business’s profile, including:

• Adding your own videos
• Including a frequently asked questions section
• Messaging with customers
• Responding to online reviews

All of these tools enhance your profile. But the real power comes with Google My Business posts.

The Power of Google My Business Posts

Posts within the Google My Business framework work differently from other social media platforms. Unlike your blog, Facebook or Twitter, where you have more leeway, Google restricts posts to specific types.

Effective Google My Business posts become small ads for products, services, company events or special offers. By including a call to action, you not only have an eye-catching visual, but you also have control over where visitors go from there.

It sounds easy, but of course, there is a catch. Businesses and subsequent posts must meet Google’s strict guidelines to remain in good standing. And, as with any effective Houston social media marketing plan, there are techniques and solutions that optimize your profile and posts to further maximize rank.

If you are ready to take advantage of your Google My Business profile to improve your search engine ranking, call 832-327-3230 to speak with the experts here at Bizopia. We can help you get to the next level and maximize your Houston social media marketing plan.