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Diversify Your Online Channels for Substantial Traffic Growth

Houston Website Design

SEO and content marketing should definitely be part of your website design for Houston businesses as well as a social media platform plan. The expectation of gaining traffic from an online marketing plan should be a given, but it is going to take time. Is there a way to speed the process? It turns out there is. Online marketing channel diversification could be the answer.

When Growth Becomes a Problem

Imagine your business sells flooring. Now imagine your company’s revenue tripled in the last two years. On the surface, tripled revenue sounds great. But, now imagine that growth happened because of one major customer. What would happen if that customer stopped buying or went under? You could lose your company as well. To avoid relying on one customer or vendor, most companies diversify. They sell a variety of products. They go after many customers. They create a safety buffer so that if a company they count on fails, they do not.

The same is true when you think about website design and social media marketing strategies for your Houston business. If the majority of your traffic comes from organic searches in Google, what happens when Google changes its algorithms? Businesses have experienced major losses literally overnight after a Google algorithm change.

The only way to make sure your Houston search engine optimization strategies cover all the bases and you continue to actively grow is to pull in traffic through multiple channels.

Is Paid Search the Way to Go?

Effectively using paid search and social media ads is one way to diversify your company’s incoming traffic sources. Of course, your first thought is probably that if you use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it has to be Google.

But, remember the best way to secure and grow traffic is to diversify. If paid advertising is part of your plan, invest in Google and different social media platforms.

Successful paid search campaigns require expertise. However, they also give you the opportunity to reach an audience you otherwise might not.

What About SEO and Social Media Marketing?

As part of an overall marketing strategy, implementing Houston search engine optimization plans on social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to split incoming traffic. Again, the temptation to spend all your time on Facebook, the most widely-used Houston social media marketing platform is strong. But, splitting traffic is your ultimate goal.

Taking the Next Step

Growing online traffic is both a sprint and long-distance marathon. Many of the strategies take time. Others, such as PPC advertising, are capable of producing quicker results if used effectively.

If you are ready to diversify your incoming traffic streams, protect your business from visitor loss and experience faster growth, give the experienced Houston website design and search engine optimization professionals at Bizopia a call at 832-327-3230.