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Generate Sales Leads Through Social Media Marketing

Houston Social Media MarketingYou already know social media is an opportunity. But, if you spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram with nothing measurable to show for it, you need a more effective Houston social media marketing plan.

To increase sales, you have to generate leads. Social media is not a direct sales channel. The path to lead generation through social media is not a straight line. Social media is a cost-effective and powerful tool that generate leads if you do it the right way.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Smart business marketers use social media because that is where the leads are. The majority of online users visit social media every single day. Facebook and YouTube are the most popular platforms for all age groups. The age 18 to 24 crowd heavily use Snapchat and Instagram as well.

Effective social media marketing strategies build brand loyalty, enhance customer service and broaden reach. When implemented as part of your company’s Houston SEO strategies, social media has the power to generate multiple lead streams and increase sales.

Social Media is Not About Promotion

Successful Houston social media marketing is not about advertising. The focus instead is to build a community of engaged and loyal followers. The quickest way to turn users away is to use your Facebook account as an “in-your-face” sales promotion outlet.

Does that mean you cannot promote your products or services on social media? Not at all. But, it does mean high-pressure sales tactics are off-limits.

Social Media Marketing is Engagement

Social media gives your audience a way to learn about your business on a personal level. Engagement builds trust. The use of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter support your online presence in a number of positive ways.

The advantages include:

• Engaging customers gives you insights into improvements and new offerings customers already want.
• Improve customer satisfaction with one-on-one communications.
• Build your reputation as an industry leader.
• Engaged followers share your posts, and you gain a much wider audience.

Building a robust online presence means bringing together each piece of your company’s digital footprint to form a cohesive marketing plan. Everything from your social media posts to your Houston website design plays an important role that, when done effectively generates leads that turn into sales.

If you spend a lot of time on social platforms but have not gotten the lead generation you expected, give the Houston social media marketing team at Bizopia a call at 832-327-3230. We will work with you to give you an effective social media marketing plan with proven results.