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Beyond Google: What You Need to Know About SEO and Other Search Engines

If you think incorporating SEO and Houston website design strategies that specifically target Google is the most effective use of your time, you are right. But, if Google is your only target, you run the risk of losing out on a substantial amount of web traffic.

If that surprises you, you are not alone. Google is undoubtedly where most web traffic originates. But, other search engines have made inroads and including Houston SEO strategies that take other traffic channels into account is no longer an option, but a requirement.

Why Worry About Other Traffic Channels?

You might ask yourself whether spending time on search engine optimization for other traffic channels is worth it. You know that Google is still king and Chrome users likely will not see other search engine results.

But, Google does not have the stranglehold you might think it does. Would you be surprised to learn that Google generated only 63.1 percent of search queries the latter part of 2018? That means nearly 37 percent of searches originated elsewhere.

Who Are the Other Players?

Microsoft sites, Bing, in particular, hold a substantial share at 24.3 percent. In addition, though Google has the largest market share, Bing holds the lead when it comes to longer search queries. For example, if a user searched using two or more words in the query, the user most likely used Bing. Yahoo holds a sizable share of the market as well, with 11.6 percent.

Obviously, a large segment of users search through traffic channels other than Google. Even more noteworthy, both Bing and Yahoo achieve higher conversion rates than Google.

Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, are not search engines in the strictest sense. But a growing number of users search businesses within Facebook and Twitter themselves and forego traditional search engines altogether.

Is SEO Different for Other Traffic Channels?

Some Houston web design and SEO strategies remain the same no matter where traffic originates. High-quality content and ensuring the accuracy of business details is essential no matter what platform is used.

But SEO strategies differ with each channel. What works for Google may not work for Bing. Social media requires a different set of techniques than do Google and Bing.

Where Can You Go From Here?

If you have not thought about incorporating SEO to reach out to Bing, Yahoo and social media users or do not know how to begin, let the Houston website design and SEO experts at Bizopia help. We have a proven record of successful strategies designed to give you more web traffic and a higher conversion rate. Give us a call to start your Houston website design and SEO services at 832-327-3230.