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Phoebee Johnson

Phoebee graduated in 2017 from Westminster College in Utah with a BA in English. She has been a writer her entire life and loves creating content that people want to read. With years of technical and creative writing under her belt, she loves learning new things and teaching people through her writing. Hence, Phoebee enjoys writing for a large range of industries and always finds something new and interesting to write about. She believes all content should be quality content and works hard to achieve that goal.

As the content writer for Bizopia, Phoebee is responsible for writing website copy that demonstrates not only what our clients do, but also the values and motivations that make them unique. Additionally, she creates blogs that educate and engage our clients’ customers while driving traffic to websites using cutting-edge SEO techniques and strategies.

Outside of work, Phoebee enjoys playing with her two cats and exploring new restaurants in Houston. While she is generally pretty quiet, she’s always up for an adventure, whether that be camping, traveling, or just visiting the duck pond near her apartment.