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Jonathan Hamby

I am a native Houstonian that was transplanted in Vegas around eight years old. Upon college graduation from the University of Nevada in 2019 with a BA in Journalism and a minor in History, I followed my family back to Houston. During any free time I find on my hands, you can normally find me watching sports, especially hockey and baseball. I nerd out on sports stats and Star Wars and can answer just about any sports-related question someone can think of –  not sure where any of that is going to get me, but try me. For brain breaks, I enjoy playing soccer with my friends or doing just about anything outside. I’m enjoying working at Bizopia and I fend for myself quite nicely as the token male on the Creative Team. I really think they are enjoying the addition of a little testosterone to the mix. That being said, if you don’t receive a response from me, you might consider coming to find me…they may have kidnapped me, and might be forcing me to watch makeup or cooking tutorials and learning how to make and serve shrimp molds.